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Welcome to 'A Living Legacy', the web site of the Darwyn and Pauline Young family! This site was created for two important reasons - to preserve the family history, rooted in northeast Mississippi, for generations to come, and to allow our ever-growing family to stay connected to one another.

Darwyn and Pauline Young Family Montage

By using the menu at left, you can explore the family history and genealogy, view historical photos, watch the family documentary online and most importantly, keep up to date on the latest family news, including pictures. A password-protected area contains family contact information, so you can always stay in touch, with pages for each of the eight children of Darwyn and Pauline Young and their families. Not sure where to go? Click on the 'Sitemap' link on the bottom of the menu to see how everything fits together.

So sit back, relax, enjoy the site and be sure to visit often!

Certain portions of this Web site are password-protected for privacy reasons. Young Family relatives may request a password to the private areas by clicking here.

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